LTL and FTL service

A central focus of IBA Transport is the punctual and safe transport of your LTL and FTL loads on the following routes:

To and from Belgium           
To and from Germany
To and from the Netherlands          
To and from Luxembourg
To and from France
To and from Great Britain
To and from Eastern Europe
To and from Austria
To and from Scandinavia

For this we offer the following types of vehicles:

  • Curtain and tautliner trailers, for up to 34 europallet-sized spaces
  • Curtain and tautliner trailers,  for up to 15.1 meters of material length
  • box trailers, with up to  34 europallet-sized spaces
  • thermo/refrigerator trailers, with  up to 33 europallet-sized spaces
  • jumbo road trains, with up to 38 europallet-sized spaces

Upon request we also offer further vehicle types